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Picture then, a beautiful, yet lonely and silent land in the days when the great forests were still intact, when the waters literally teemed with fish, and the skies were sometimes black with myriad migrating birds. Vigorous and an extremely creative people, the Haida inhabit the Galapagos of the North for close to 10 000yrs with an unchallenged knowledge of the surrounding waters, traveling as far south as California and beyond. The art of canoe, houses and totem building. Moieties of Ravens and Eagles, a happy matriarchal lifestyle, the festive Potlatch determines the rules and organizational structures, the values of chieftainship and leadership.

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"The Best of Chief Dan George" by Chief Dan George.
Illustrations by Helmut Herschall.
The Best of Chief Dan George contains "My Heart Soars", "My Spirit Soars", Biographical Sketch, and Centennial Speech, The Lament for Confederation. Chief Dan George, accomplished performer, philosopher, champion of First Nations people, loving patriarch of a large family," so begins the biographical sketch by Schlossberg in this new revised edition of long time favorites.
Poetic and spiritual, this book has a universal message for all people.
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